WiFi phone bell does not ring.

  1. Check whether phone is corretly installed.
  2. Check whether wireless LAN information includes the name of the LAN in MENU, Settings, and My Phone Info.
  3. Check whether WiFi Phone battery has been charged.
  4. Check whether it is et to Mute in Menu, Sounds, and Ringtone.

The screen of WiFi phone is not clearly shown

  1. Adjust brightness using MENU, Screen, Set lighing, and LCD Brightness.

WiFi Phone shows poor call condition during calls

  1. Check whether it is too far from AP.
  2. Electric waves might have become weak due to obstacles such as walls, or electro magnetic disturbance might have taken place. Turn off the power of AP, and on again in 3 seconds.
  3. If volume is low, adjust it properly.

Newly purchased WiFi phone does not work

  1. Check whether it is correlty installed.
  2. Check whether it is connected to AP.
    • You can check it in MENU, Settings, and My phone info. and WLAN info.
  3. Check whether it shows any error messages when the power of WiFi phone has been turned off and on.
  4. Check whether battery is fully chared.

WiFi phone cannot start

  1. Check whether it is correctly installed.
  2. Check whether battery is fully chared.
  3. Press the power button of WiFi Phone.
  4. If it shows no response to that, remove battery, and install if again.

ICW-1000G 2020 wrong date and time issue

Critical issue has been found on ICW-1000G software, failing to display right date of 2020. We noticed this issue has shown to all of ICW-1000G that has been released. You can download and upgrade to new firmware 'icw1000_20200102_v1.01.07.zip' at our support page for correcting it. We deeply apologize for inconvenience.

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